Step 6: Reignite the passion in your relationship

Step 6 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger helps couple understand that making time for the intimate side of their relationship is critical to reconnect you both.

The fundamental difference between those you love (friends & family) and your partner is the intimate side to your relationship.

Couples can find that they live in a lighter version of themselves in fear of sharing their true passionate selves. When they live in this state they are never allowed to be who they really are and this can kill the soul of those people.

Connecting with the true you is a liberating experience in fact this part of you is just one of many parts that all have their roles.

Stephen will help couples feel safe to share their darker needs and how to access these different parts of their personalities and take the relationship to a whole new deeper and exciting level.

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger

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Step 1: Discover The Real Reason Why You Have Relationship Issues

Step 1 -Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger will take his clients through a process of understanding their real problems that most couples would misunderstand and confuse for a good reason to separate!

Many relationships end for all the wrong reasons

Relationship issues can be displayed in many ways and if a couple is to get to the bottom of their problems understanding why these issues have appeared is critical.

Not getting to the bottom of what’s happening in your relationship can cause even a small problem to get out of hand and confuse the couple into thinking that they are no longer compatible.

For example

A couple is having problems and the result is arguing, or punishing each other in some way.

What happens is the focus of their problems could become the constant arguments that go round in circles, or they may reject being punished and this could become the reason they decide to separate.

Their arguments could be hiding a hard to understand underlying issue, such as not feeling enough for their partner, or afraid that they would not be loved if they were totally themselves. These types of issue are very difficult for most couples to locate and there could be 1000’s of complex reasons like these presented themselves to couples all over the country.

Stephen’s roll is to help couples uncover these potentially complex issues, so the couple can start to understand and support their partner rather than create a fearful self protected reaction, that threatens the very foundations of their relationship.

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger
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Step 3: Rebuilding trust in your relationship

Step 3 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger will help the couple learn how to build trust that’s believable and lasting

When a couple go through any kind of relationship problem the trust in each other is dented in some way.

The natural reaction when trust, the foundation of their relationship is in question is to protect yourself this could result in arguments, stonewalling, or leaving the relationship temporarily or for good.

For example

The reason for a lack of trust can take forms. It could be due to an affair or that one individual does not feel secure in the relationship for some reason. It could be trust issues could be due to money issues or a feeling of not being respected or valued. The reasons are many and varied, and can be rational or irrational emotion.

Stephens objective is to help the couple re-connect through a trust rebuilding process and sincere promises to establish a foundation to rebuild their future on.

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger

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Step 4: Relationship growth & building a future together

Step 4 – Relationship Rebuilding Process

Stephen Hedger explains that if the relationship stops growing it dies. Building a compelling future together is critical.

When a couple first meet they have so many plans and life starts off so exciting. They put effort into the way they dress how they look, they constantly make plans together, weekends away, special nights out, presents, cards.

They then might plan to move in together, buy a house and maybe start a family.

What can happen to a relationship is that a busy life gets in the way and the relationship then has no direction, the individuals end up serving their own needs and soon as the relationship becomes all about ME! If this happens you’re really in trouble.

Stephen will help the couple get addicted to serving each others needs and get them making plans to ensure the relationship has an exciting direction.

Building lasting relationships with Stephen Hedger

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