Love tip of the day: How does love happen?

If you want to feel love, then you have to give it! As soon as someone in a couple pulls love away the problems start.

You see, love only happens when we give it. Most people are under the illusion that people give us love. What actually happens is we translate their words or actions into a feeling. If we agree their action equals love to us, we then feel safe to give them a loving action back.

  • It is at the point we give love back is the point when our love is felt.

Your partner does not have magical powers to make you have a feeling, we create all our own feelings based on our reactions to others. We all know this is true because in past relationships we know we started to feel that something was wrong. So if our partners at that time tried to give us love, unless we agree it feels like love we wouldn’t give it back. The result was we didn’t feel love no matter how much they say they loved us. [Read more...]