Ten year marriage hits crisis – He shares his story

If you are reading this testimonial, it may be that you are in a similar place to where we were a few months ago and searching the internet for a possible solution, with low expectations.  I found these testimonials encouraging – hence offering one today (it is genuine).

Without going into details, following a “bump in the road”, our marriage was at a critical stage with a real risk of it ending – I (the husband) was at fault.  Although neither of us wanted this outcome after a relationship of almost ten years, it was hard to see a way out and how to change things.

This is where Stephen came to the rescue. [Read more...]

She was convinced her marriage was over and so she left her husband

When couples share their stories of working with other professionals with me I am always struggling to hear through their approach, where is the critical breakthrough that will enable that couple to experience a new truth in their marriage?

This particular couple came because they were getting nowhere and needed a fresh and constructive approach.

It’s key to enable a shift in a couple the couple breakthrough their own fears, their limiting beliefs, their old patterns of how marriages should work so they can start to feel free to be themselves in their own marriage.

When a couple is challenged on all aspects of their marriage from a perspective of genuine care for a safe outcome, that couple will find through key strategic shifts new ways to see their marriage totally differently. [Read more...]

Same sex marriage hits crisis point and start consulting divorce lawyers

I had got to the point where I was consulting divorce lawyers and I really could see no solution in saving my marriage and I was in a real mess. 

I did a lot of research and finally found Stephen.

His testimonials looked great and I honestly felt I had no alternative. If I was going to give this one shot, I wanted Stephen to help me.

My husband was extremely reluctant and is not a massive talker and I knew I had a challenge getting him there. [Read more...]

“…he changed my life for the better”

As a bride-to-be and as a woman in search of a fulfilling life, I couldn’t have been happier with Stephen.  Stephen was my premarital counsellor and life coach.  And he changed my life for the better.

My fiance and I met with Stephen several times as we prepared for our wedding. He worked incredibly efficiently within our budget and time zone constraints and had an almost eery ability to hone directly and immediately on the most central challenges, many times even when they weren’t what we’d expected, beginning within the first hour of our first session.

The learning curve was very steep, making each session worthwhile and packed with realizations.  My fiance and I would spend the week following our sessions in deep discussion about what we were learning, and it seemed that each time we would see the other — and ourselves – with new and needed clarity.

After a remarkable journey, I learned first-hand just how critical and interrelated relationship and individual well being are.  Even though our engagement did not end in marriage, I was prepared to make the decision to separate and move forward positively with my life, thanks to the skills Stephen taught me.  I feel more vivacious, healthy, centered, purposeful, and internally calm than I have ever felt before.

Steering one’s way through any relationship can be a bewildering challenge, especially as the wedding date approaches and the decision becomes real.  Anyone looking to improve themselves and their relationships will find a brilliant navigator in Stephen Hedger.

Thank you Stephen - Aimee. USA.