What Is Your Life Purpose?

Putting some meaning to the reason you are on this planet may or may not be important to you. Although in my experience when I have asked clients the emotional response I consistently receive is usually very telling.

If it is important to you then I hope this may help a little.

For me personally I have made it my life mission to help others create the best possible relationships with themselves and their partners. Leading the way for a decline in broken families.

It was not always this way for me!

I remember in my early career days of marketing (yes I started in marketing) feeling unable to connect honestly with the daily prospect of enticing people to buy what they didn’t really need. My thoughts went consistently out to those who saved lives, the armed forces, nurses, firemen, policemen to name a few. My life in comparison at that stage felt meaningless. [Read more...]

What Is Your Life Purpose?

What were you designed to be and do? If life is not the way it should be how are you going to feel. How is your relationship going to suffer if you don’t feel right.

If something does not feel right, then you can be sure that something is not right. As we go through our lives from childhood what happens is we create a purpose for our lives during that time. So our purpose at different moments in time could be to

  • Have fun
  • Protect yourself
  • Set yourself free
  • Find adventure
  • Discover you
  • Control everything
  • The list is endless…

Everyone creates these life purposes without conscious awareness and it’s the life conditions that will create the need to change or shift our purpose.

Depending on how your life conditions change your purpose will shift to adapt, but you can find that you are not meeting your core values. If this happens, whilst you might be meeting your needs your values are being ignored and this creates a very unhappy and distorted version of you.

So we can look back and say that times in our life were not good for us. This is a reflection of needs being met, but values being ignored.

Is this where you are today? If you are unhappy with you or your life you can bet that your relationship is suffering.

  • To live a happy life that is always a win-win situation for you, you must understand how you work. So when life conditions change you no longer live in reaction limiting your true self and creating internal conflict… …that can lead to stress, depression, anger, anxiety!

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