#695: What do you do when you think your marriage is over?

When a couples marriage is hitting the rocks it’s hard enough, but when one person then becomes vulnerable to a third party what chance does this couple now have to save their marriage?

Even they were skeptical it could be saved.

Todays post is a transcript of an interview conducted with two clients Belinda and John a married couple who were on the verge of divorce. The interview was conducted after they had been through “The Marriage Breakthrough Program”.

Belinda in her own words….


Q:  What made you decide to seek help?

A:  We had plenty of problems in our marriage. John* had met another woman and been silly. He said he’d get us help and I told him he only had one chance to make it work so make sure he got the right person.

Q: Before you met Stephen what did you think your chances were to solving the problem?

A:  Not much at all, didn’t feel good about doing it and really didn’t want to. I wasn’t really interested. There was no guarantee he was going to help us.

Q: In your own words describe what it’s like working with Stephen?

A: Like nothing I could ever have imagined. I was always questioning where is this leading? A lot goes on in his sessions that you don’t realise.

He reads you and then tells you his thoughts and it all makes so much sense. I always thought we would argue all the way through the sessions but it wasn’t like that at all.

Everything Stephen said totally make sense.

John and I would come out of the session saying wow how mad was that!

One session I was just about to walk out I was so upset, which I now realise was all part of Stephens plan as within 5 minutes I was laughing.

I was stunned and totally amazed how Stephen made me feel during those sessions.

Q: What result did you get?

A: Never in a million years did I ever think we could get to this place after what John* did and how I felt towards him. Seeing Stephen has made us both different people, we understand each other so much more now.

John in his own words….


Q:  What made you decide to seek help?

A:  My marriage was seriously in trouble, I’d been silly and Belinda* and I were not getting on. Things were really bad and we were heading for divorce.

I wanted to save the marriage but Belinda wasn’t sure. She told me I had one chance to put things right, therefore I wanted to find the best person I could.

Q: Before you met Stephen what did you think your chances were to solving the problem?

A:  Before I met Stephen I honestly thought there was no chance in saving the marriage at all, I realised I didn’t really have a chance and Belinda didn’t hold out any hope either.

We both felt our marriage was pretty much over and there was little hope of saving. I did a lot of research on Stephen and decided that if anyone could save this he was probably the one and only person.

 Q: In your own words describe what it’s like working with Stephen?

A: Such a massive experience I can’t even tell you, very different to how I could have ever imagined counselling would be. The way he operated I can’t even begin to describe.

The way his mannerisms were, down to every single word and sentence he said, he was saying this for a reason and for us to aim for a goal.

At times we both wondered why he was asking such questions and I would be worried it was going to turn into a huge argument in the room but 5 minutes later we were laughing and we couldn’t believe how he’d turned it around without us realising.

He took control of every situation presented to him and was never fazed. In my eyes I know it sounds silly but that man is a god for what he has done for me.

I took a chance on him with no guarantee and I would do it again in a shot.

Not only did he look at my marriage in a completely different way, he made me look at my whole life and I’d like to say changed me into a better person.

He educated me in such a way I feel I understand women now. I look at situations from my wife’s point of view now, I’m calmer, more tolerant and I’d like to think a much nicer person to be around.

I see the whole world in such a different light. Seeing Stephen was the best decision I have made in my life.

Q: What result did you get?

A: I’m patient, I know how to react and reassure her now when she has a bad moment. We communicate in such a way now I can support her, I’ve learn how to deal with various situations that in the past would have caused a blazing argument.

The bottom line is I can’t put a price tag on my wife and my marriage and can 100% say Stephen was worth every penny spent and more, he is amazing.

 *Names changed to protect their identity

Stephen Hedger says: “I wanted to share this couples interview with you because no matter how bad things can seem, just because a couple can’t find away out of their problems together it’s doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Relationships are very complex and really need specialist help to get them out of crisis and onto a road where both people have the tools and knowledge to keep the marriage safe and the future exciting again.”

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