Valentines Day is coming!

Valentines day is approaching and for my regular readers you may have noticed I never comment on special days and religious events.

I have however decided this to make this year an exception.

My personal thought is any day that enables two people to share their love for each other is an amazing day in my book.

However from what I have heard there are very mixed feelings about this day.

  • Some dread this day, either because they don’t have a partner, or because the one they have doesn’t care.
  • Some dread it because their partner does something romantic, not because they want to, it’s because they think they should.
  • Some tell me they really look forward to this day because it is the one day a year their partner is romantic with them.
  • Some tell me they love the day because they love giving love to their partner.
  • Some cannot stand the thought of sitting in a restaurant full of other couples some genuinely connected, some stuck for conversation, some rowing in a loud whisper at how the expectation wasn’t quite met.
  • So for some it seems this day is a day of unmet expectations, disappointment and stress.
  • For some it’s just so cheesy and so they avoid it like the plague.

I personally have seen in an office the shriek of delight from the girl who receives a giant bouquet of flowers in her office which is met by an under current of whispers from the girls who either got nothing, or who’s bouquet was less than impressive.

I have some thoughts I would like to share. If this year you are going to give your loved one a gift make it so it could only have come from you. This gift is not about the money you spend it’s about the thought that’s behind your gift.

If you want to make someone feel truly loved show them you have spent time learning and understanding them and reflect that in what you give and how you give it.

There is nothing more romantic than showing the person you say you love you understand their heart.

My thought for everyone is this, if you really want to make this day special, why stop at Valentines Day why not make “learning how to love your partner” your mission and your commitment to yourself and your loved one for life?


About Stephen Hedger

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