Who Are You? What is Your Life Purpose?

Do you know? Unless you know who you are, how will you create a “Life Purpose”? Do you know what your life purpose is? Does this suddenly feel important for you to know?

For most when this question is considered they can start to feel uneasy as they start to realise that the days are flicking by faster and faster. They will notice that they have no real direction and the days just happen to them, so they live in reaction to what the world throws at them.

Life is happening all around them, they are part of it, but they are not in control of a direction that has a meaning defined by them – in essence they are out of control.

Most people like to use label to define themselves, I.E. I’m a Doctor, or a Banker, or a House Wife. These are great, but do those labels really define who they are and is that their life purpose?

How do you define you and what is your life purpose?

What we are all after is a happy life, but when we did deeper what we want is a fulfilling life where we are being the best we can be true to ourselves every day.

So what is the true YOU?

The true you is the person that is focused consistently on what makes you happy. You do it in a way that frees you to create a secure world that enables you to understand your life passions.

In this world fears are not the drivers of this persons’ life. Now most people in fear deny they are in fear. This maybe you, so if your life is to remain the way it has been, what does the next 10 years look like. If you don’t like what you see or you can’t see anything the chances are that fears are working within you.

If you are living in fear then you are not free to be who you are designed to be, so the chances are you will be stuck, you may also be feeling detached from the world you live in.

Breaking free of fears and understanding how to focus your mind to what makes you truly happy is the foundation that will provide you with the confidence and motivation to search for your Life Purpose.

Everyone has one, I wonder what is yours?

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