Why does she attack me verbally?

Men are searching for the answer to this question. She is supposed to love me why does she become so aggressive.

Usually she will become aggressive if she feels he doesn’t care about her. Her aggression is usually a desperate attempt to get through to him.

Her aggression is her fear speaking.

She fears not being able to get through, she is likely to be feeling that if her feelings persist she will become too detached from him.

She knows that when she becomes detached and numb emotionally she will struggle to get back to a place of love.

So her intent is to wake him up because she is fearful the relationship is dying and so her aggression is about saving the relationship.

Instead of seeing the cry for help and her intent, what he sees is an attack…

So he reacts to the attack by defending counterattacking or escaping.

What she wants most is love and usually security.

What she gets is the reverse.

To answer the question “why does she attack me?” The answer is because she trying to save the relationship.

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