Marriage Counselling Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Are you seeking marriage counselling for your relationship problems?

Stephen Hedger has been a relationship coach for the past 10 years helping couples with a full range of common and not so common problems.

Your session will begin with an assessment of where you think you both are. This is usually very different to where you really are as your problems are likely to feel worse because you’re living in your problems.

Please note: If your partner is not interested in coming don‘t worry. When you understanding your issues you will learn how to change your behaviours and this will result in them changing theirs without knowing.

The focus of your session will be on exploring your critical needs in the context of your relationship, so we can start to understand what’s been missing for you and your partner.

If your critical needs are missing then you will have problems as you both fight to get them.

This can create a state of confusion in both of you, this causes fear for your future and what usually comes out is anger.

  • You will learn about how the sexes communicate, speak and listen in totally different ways
  • You will learn how to understand arguments
  • You will discover how to mend the trust that’s been lost through confusion
  • You will learn exactly how to meet you partners needs to secure your future together

No matter where you both are step-by-step changes are possible once you commit to making a change.

I’ll look forward to helping you.

Kind regards

Stephen Hedger

Relationship Coach

Life Coach in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Stephen Hedger is offering life coaching services in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire.

Stephen helps his clients with a comprehensive range of challenges.

Some clients have relationship problems, or want to meet someone special and need help with dating. Some have confidence or self-esteem issues and are unhappy, but don’t know why.

Some want to start businesses or have a hit a cross roads and are afraid to choose a direction.

Life coaching is great for anyone who is stuck and has run out of ways to help themselves. Life coaches help clients understand how the mind and body work together to get the best results.

Life coaches know how to get clients motivated to achieve their goals by really understanding how their goal aligns with their life values.

Life coaches help their clients look at their lives and challenges from new and fresh perspectives.

Clients experience a fresher and lighter feeling whilst gaining, confidence in future decisions and a clear route to gaining the life they really want.

Find out more about life coaching with Stephen Hedger and get answers today…

Stephen Hedger offers Relationship help at the Haddenham Health Centre

Stephen Hedger is now offering private and confidential relationship help at the Haddenham Health Centre in Buckinghamshire.

Stephen helps couple with all types of relationship issues and emergencies.

Services also cover help with associated problems

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If you would like more information please call on 0845 519 4808