Steps To Fixing A Passionless Relationship

If there is no passion in your relationship there is going to be a reason and it is not going to be because your partner does not like, or want sex.

Many couples have one partner who wants the passion in their relationship to reignite, but they don’t know what to do, or how to approach it. They love their partner, but are not ready to give up this part of their life.

Many are scared to bring this topic up through fear of their partners reaction.

Sex happens at it best when two people react to a mutual and powerful desire. So women generally like to be in the right mood.

So what can create that mood for her?

If her world is full of problems then she will never be in the mood, so by supporting her outside of the bedroom and giving her all she needs will be your first step.

She needs to feel that you are her ROCK!

When she knows you really are the man, then she will automatically discover many ways that she can be the woman. Too many men let the woman become the man in the relationship and then wonder where the passion has gone.

If she becomes the man, she does it because she knows this is her best way to survive, but deep down she wants to be the woman and have a strong man look after her when she needs him. If she becomes the man she can resent this and therefore no longer be attracted in the same way to her partner.

Build the foundations for a passionate relationship.

She needs to feel important to you, she needs to feel that you understand her, you need to help her know that you love her and that you will be with her forever no matter what happens.

Her needs are the foundations so build up that trust, because if the trust has been dented then passion will be long gone.

Next is her mood – This is the state she is in at any given time.

If her head is in a “getting things done place” then offer the help her and be playful. This will change her mood and will help her thoughts go to you and how wonderful you are rather than her boring work.

We are all chemical and every month to a greater or lesser degree women will be responding to those monthly rollercoaster chemicals and this will be changing her moods.

So what chemicals help her to be in the mood for passion? The answer is anything that helps her feel good about her. When this happens she automatically releases chemicals that helps her want to be intimate especially if she can attach those feeling to you.

Laughter, dancing, walking, carbohydrates, chocolate these all work to change moods. Why do you think a moon lit walk after a fun romantic dinner works so well.

I have even heard that baby powder behind your ear works as she associates this with having children.

The bottom line is to get the spark back in your relationship one of you has to start to make the effort, and it may as well be you. You need your partner to feel amazing about themselves and attach those feeling to you.

This what happened when you first met. Post your comments below and let me know how you get on.