What to do when you feel hopeless

No matter how driven we can all be there are times when you think what’s the point? This can hit at any time without warning and the reason can be many and varied, but the way we achieve this is the same.

You have to be focused on something you don’t want, you have to be physically slumped either as you sit or walk.

If this is how you are feeling today then STOP because what you are doing will get worse.

Take a moment to focus on all that you are grateful for, give yourself permission to smile for no reason and get active fast, walk, run, jump or dance.

What this simple process will achieve apart from strange looks in the office is a chemical change that will counter the low mood chemicals your current focus is creating.

Very quickly you will notice a change in how you feel, now is the time to focus on your goals and why you have them. If you have set amazing goals and you know all the feelings you will have when you achieve your goals then your motivation to get them will be huge.

Give this a try and let me know how you get on…

How to make changes in your life?

When someone wants to make a change there are certain things that person has to have for that change to happen.

It is because of a lack of the following qualities many people fail to achieve their dreams. This is where the value of a life coach or mentor becomes critical. Knowing what a human needs before they can become successful is critical to anyone success.

The desire to change…

To start with the person has to want to change. The process of change is not always a smooth one because what you believe today will have to be challenged. This is because whatever you believe and have persistently practised so far has resulted in where you are today.

Belief in yourself

If you want to change you have to believe that the change is possible and that you are worthy of receiving the great things those changes will get you. Failure to have these beliefs will ensure that your goals are never met.

Motivation and action

Understand the motivation behind your goals is what will keep you going. You could be motivated by pain of a situation or you couple just want more. Understanding the motivation will help you stay focused on your goals. Without the necessary motivation you will never take the actions needed to get what you really want.

Persistence and self discipline

The biggest and most important quality is a persistence to even when things get tough to follow through with your plan. When people don’t see instant results they tend to give up. People who are successful did not become this way over night.

Take stock of your life now!

What do you have that you don’t want? What did you consistantly do to achieve this. The reason I ask this is to prove that persistance works it just needs channeling in a positive way.

Would love to hear your stories of your life changes and how you became successful.

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