What will an NLP coach do for me?

Coaching is all about creating change and making changes in the clients life. The  job of a coach is to discover how the client can be moved towards a more fulfilling life by discovering the clients internal map of his or her world that they live in.

The coach will learn how the client reacts to the world? What sequence of events happen internally for the client to create either successes or blocks to success?

The job of a coach is to create freedom for the client so they can congruently live their dream life without fear.

A coaches job is also to ensure that the link between the clients dream life and reality is practical with a well formed plan.

The coach will start to point out to the client the possibilities of choice and freedom that are open to the client.

These small changes in direction have always been there for the client, but through habit and habitual thinking, deviation off the current path has held no good reason despite the incongruent feelings the client may have had.

Who might come for coaching and why? Coaching is usually sought when a cure of some kind is needed or the thought of carrying on is too painful.

On the whole most people will not seek change unless it is consciously affecting their lives or those they love.

People rarely seek prevention, but they will seek cures…

The problem here is people don’t know, what they don’t know. They are not at fault for failing to discover that just maybe their internal map of the world is only a fraction of the size of the individuals internal map who have achieved what they want.

When is the right time to discover what you don’t know you are missing out on? Most people are too scared to find out because this could mean focusing on a dream and dreams don’t come true.

The sad thing is for many they are right because if you focus on not achieving something you will succeed.

A good coach will help you focus on achievable goals. There maybe 10 or 20 steps to your big goal, but each step is a step closer.

And as long as what you want is physically possible and you have passion for your own life then almost anything is possible and there is a plan for it.

Believe in yourself and fearlessly take giants steps. Only when you decide to do this will the possibility of massive success be yours.

How To Fix My relationship

Are you unhappy with your relationship & need a relationship counsellor, relationship coach or therapist to help you?

Do you love your partner, but something has changed and you’re now fearful of your future together.

It could be because of an affair, disconnection, boredom, constant arguments, lack of passion, or maybe it’s something else helping you to feel empty inside.

Have you tried and tried to make things work, but now your starting to think that splitting up is now the only option?

Before you or your partner press the Destruct Button on your relationship and collapse the world as you know it, take a moment to consider these words from Stephen Hedger Relationship Expert.

“If you focus on your problems,
all you will discover is more problems”

Dear Friend

If you are experiencing relationship problems right now I know through my own fair share of past painful experiences as a young man and through the many hundreds of people I have worked with, how painful, debilitating, and stressful these times can be.

relationship counselorI also want to congratulate you on your inner strength in deciding to discover more about yourself and your relationship despite the stress you are under.

Whatever you are feeling or experiencing right now I have a mountain of information that will help you to discover the triggers to get your relationship not only back on track, but to a new passionate level.

I expect you are feeling pretty raw right now and probably skeptical that anyone could help you make a difference.

If you could give me a few minutes of your time this could be just be that moment that changes everything for you.

Working with me will help you uncover how to use the differences in our sexes to your advantage rather than a place to fight.

  • A different species

    The first thing you will learn is that men and women are almost a totally different species trying to live together as if they are the same. This why couples experience so many problems, as today’s social conditioning is fighting with the 2 million year old instincts of the different genders and the roles they were designed for.

Men are not emotionless hairy women
& women are not over emotional beautiful men

  • The rules that drive us

    Combine this with the standards or values given to us by our parents and the volume of destructive rules we may have attached to those values without knowing.

  • Subjective meanings

    Plus the massive volume of information about relationships we hold and the subjective meanings we all attach to those words, feelings, and experiences you can forgive yourself for having a struggle with any intimate relationship. You can be sure on one thing… You are not alone!

NEXT! – Effective Communication

You will discover how to communicate your needs and desires so you partner understands them. Men and women communicate and listen in totally different ways, unless the differences are understood, problems are guaranteed. It’s likely this is happening to you right now, look at these examples…

  • Prove to me you love me!

    Men will discover that when his woman is screaming at him and blaming him for everything wrong in her life, she is not crazy and he must never run away taking her words literally, what she is really asking for is for him to prove he loves her and that he will be with her for ever.

  • Learn how to see her anger as passion!

    When men can see the passion in her words and give her what she needs whilst removing the literal meanings then this is a time to see what a truly amazing woman he has.

  • She just wants to know you care

    A man will discover that she does not always want him to fix her life she just wants him to show he cares. A woman will discover that men can only take so much communication without there being something for him to fix or the conversation having no point in his mind.

These are just a fraction of the differences that can happen in relationships.

NEXT!Building Solid Trust

How to regain and then strengthen the trust in your relationship. No matter what reason trust issues are present you will discover the root cause and how to fix it, even if your relationship is the victim of an affair.

Once the trust and heart felt understanding has been communicated on both sides then you can start to build your love again.

NEXT! How to ignite your passion

Once you both can start to see that you were missing the underlying message your partner was giving you and that you can now trust them to look after your needs, only now you are in a position to get to know each other at a more deeper level than before.

NEXT! You can start to build your common goals and plan your adventure together

Discover the many amazing personalities within your partner, and learn how to bring out the ones in yourself to create any mood you wish just purely by changing your focus.

As you start to understand more about yourself and your relationship, any fears you used to have will start to fade away. You will be left with an internal fearless energy giving you freedom to live a secure and yet passionate life together.

Now you have a small insight into what you will discover on this journey with me.

I hope that even though physically nothing has changed for you yet, you may start to see that there maybe much about yourself and your relationship which needs to be uncovered before you can confidently decide this is not the relationship for you.

“If a relationship stops growing it dies”

Working with Stephen Hedger will fast track you through the relationship maze avoiding years of trial and error and many failed relationships only to discover the same destructive patterns emerging each time.

Learn how to save and then grow your relationship today

If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment either in London W1 or in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire please call now on 0845 519 4808