The Power of Persuasion

Imagine having the power to be able to get people to do things you want them to do and make it seem like it was their idea?

I can see the devil in you at work already.

The art of persuasion is all around us, companies wanting us to buy things, partners wanting us to do things for them, sales people trying to convince you that what they have to sell just happens to be something that you need right now!

Rapport is the key

The quickest way to help someone see things your way is to get into rapport with them and discover how you can see the world from their perspective.

What you are after is for them to trust you, when they trust you they are far more likely to respect your views and listen to your ideas.

For example a sales man that tries to sell you a car because it’s cheaper than the big flash dealership down the road. Has made an assumption that price is what will make you buy. What you really want to know is, you will be looked after through the servicing of the car and if things go wrong.

Or how about the handsome guy who spends all night telling his date how great he is, and how cool his expensive his car is. Clearly missing the point that what she wants is, to feel great about herself when she’s with him. All he mastered was how to make himself feel good, and totally left her out.

The key to persuasion is presenting what you have to offer in a way that respects the needs of the people you’re communicating to. When they know you understand their needs and they feel good about themselves in your company then they are more likely to make the decision you wanted.

Rapport is one the critical keys to the art of persuasion.

Learning the art of rapport is beautiful art form of communication and one of the areas of NLP I personally enjoy the most.

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