Does money make you happy?

The people without money would probably say yes, and the people with money would be likely to say no, although they would not want to be without it.

The self made rich will tell you that their passion was in something else such as a sport or love of making cakes or saving lives, and money was a by product to their passion.

If someone is truly passionate then they will tirelessly focus on their passionate goal regardless of any knock backs big or small.

The worlds most successful coach Tony Robbins said…
“My first mentor was a man named Jim Rohn. He taught me that happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in our quality of life.”

Jim Rohn was referring to our potential to using our biggest asset, our ability to learn and develop skills that would make us valuable to in every area of our lives, both to others and ourselves.

Jim Rohn encouraged his students to spend their time working on themselves and making themselves valuable to the market they wanted to work in to be able to create personal wealth.

A health disregard for the impossible

Now imagine if you obtained skills to make you more valuable and then did something that no other person would try.

This is what Sergey Bin and Larry Page the founders of Google did. Much to the amusement of others they decided to try to download the whole of the internet onto a computer. The result of this so called crazy idea resulted in free information for millons of people globally and a multi-billion dollar asset.

Passion is the key to your happiness,
the passion to develop YOU!

Your biggest regrets are not going to be I wish I had more dresses or a bigger house or I wish I had a faster car.

  • Your regrets are going to be about what you didn’t do
  • The risks you didn’t take
  • The rules you didn’t break
  • Who you could have loved more and that includes YOU!

Who do you think is now standing in the way to your true happiness?

You are probably already aware of the fact you are not doing enough to live the life you really want. By now you know what it’s like to be without what you want. Is now the time to discover something new and create your new path to your goals and plan your life today with me… Only you can decide!

NLP Communication Tips – Modal Operators

NLP is one of the most amazing tools for understanding language patterns and the meanings behind those spoken words.

NLP Coaches and Therapists are able to gather a staggering amount of information through observations and asking questions designed to help clients achieve their goals .

Here is an examples that you can try out yourself.

The word “should“…

  • You should do XYZ
  • You should see XYZ
  • You should go to XYZ

The word “should” is one you may have heard from your parents or family members, this is their opinion for an action that they want you to take.

Maybe you don’t agree and don’t think that you should do anything. The problem with challenging this word is you may get into conflict if you don‘t do it, or ask them why you should.

So if you get asked this question, a great answer is… “What would happen if I didn’t…”

This would uncover the intention behind their opinion and would open a discussion to diffuse any misunderstandings.

Also many people talk to themselves this way, I should go to the gym, I should set-up that business. If this sounds like you, then you’ll need to discover why this block is present and what’s the intention behind your use of the word “should”.

Give it a try and see how you get on…

Weight loss without the diets

weight loss image

Weight loss the easy way.

One of the big problems with weight loss is you are usually presented with a diet.

What a diet is designed to do is provide your body with less calories per day than your body needs. This simple strategy is designed to slowly reduce your bodies conversion of food into fat stores.

This will then reduce your weight.

So far so good, the problem with this strategy is the focus of your attack is on the food you eat. This then highlights what you are missing.

You are now not only missing your favourite foods, you are also hungry. This combination is very likely to fail.

So there is a solution.

Instead of attacking the food you eat to reduce weight why not try increasing your activity each day and lose weight without thinking.

You do this by using a low cost Pedometer (I have listed some below stocked by

This pedometer keeps an account of all the steps you take in one day. The more steps you take the more calories you will burn. You can increase your fat burning by just walking a bit further each day.

Take the stairs at work or park a little further away and then see how well you did at the end of the day

Better yet, why not turn this into a challenge with your partner or some friends and see who wins. Once you start to feel fitter then you may decide that the food your are eating may need some small changes.

But for now don’t go on a diet, don’t spend £100’s on a gym have some fun first and see how you get on and track your results.



How to become wealthy in life

Very few people can deny that having more money would be a good thing for them. To become wealthy in life we have to discover as much as we can about money.

Let’s breakdown what money really is. Money is either numbers in a bank account, investments or bits of paper and bits of metal.

It not the money we want it’s the things money can buy us. We want bigger houses, better holiday, but wait…  is this really what we want?

When we buy these things what we get is emotions, we feel secure, we feel freedom, we feel happy. So what we really want is not the money it is the feelings this money will give us.

Understanding the true goal is your path to wealth

If you have ever bought something new like a new car or a dress how long did you stay happy for? It’s not long before the happiness for those things wears off and you’re off looking for something else to make you feel good.

There is nothing wrong with feeling great in the short term, but what is it that will make you feel good long term.

Not knowing what will give us lasting happiness is why many rich people are not happy and many poor people stay poor.

The rich people will get depressed and unhappy like the rest of us, unless they discover their true path to happiness. Long hours to gain wealth could have lost years with their family, maybe the cost is too high just to get stuff.

The poorer people maybe be unsure of their true path to lasting happiness and their passions lie in money alone as this is deemed to be where happiness sits.

Money is not the answer it is only one of the many things we need to be truly happy. If you target just one goal you could just spend your life chasing the wrong thing.

Become wealthy in every aspect of your life, career, relationships, family, fun, sure make yourself rich, but not at the cost of what is really important to you.