Coaching v Therapy

One question that keep coming up is what is the difference between coaching, therapy and counselling?

One of the reasons I personally enjoy coaching so much and decided to embark on my own journey of self discovery was after seeing my own coach many years ago. It was the profoundly positive affect I felt that was so forward thinking and really helped me feel good about myself again.

I had years before experienced counselling and therapist and they helped me to focus on all that was wrong in my life and so I left each session feeling worse, and with little guidance to feel better.

Therapists and counsellors usually look back over someone’s life to discover why they are experiencing problems today.

There are two key reasons why I don’t personally like this approach, one is because the client gets to relive all their painful memories. When they do this they focus on pain and so they start to see and experience more and more problems. This puts clients into learnt unresourceful states designed to get the reverse of what they want.

The second reason I dislike this approach is because those that do come to me after years in therapy find that changing is a tough road for them, this is because they are conditioned to link everything that happens back past experiences. What this does is to give the client even more reasons/excuses why they cannot achieve their goals.

Coaching is forward thinking and is focused on obtaining specific goals. If blocks from the past do occur then deep change work will be used to change the perception of a memory or a belief to free the individual to keep moving forward without all the focus on painful experiences.