Building trust in a relationship

When trust issues arise the foundations of the relationship becomes unstable and regrettable emotionally driven decisions can take over.

From lies to affairs from lack of understanding to lack of appreciation, one thing is clear, being in a relationship with trust as an issue is a big painful problem.

You have to stop and understand one thing! If you don’t have trust in your relationship you don’t have a relationship that will last.

When the trust goes the security goes. When the security goes one or both parties will seek security elsewhere. This could mean friends, family, wanting to be on their own, or maybe an affair.

When you lose security you lose respect for your partner and when that goes resentment sets in as you live each day in fear of what your future will hold for you.

Both of you need to understand the cost of what has been created between you. From here you can start from a point of agreement.

  • “That the relationship has a problem!

When you get to this point you can then together agree on which direction you want to go.

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