Weight loss without the diets

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Weight loss the easy way.

One of the big problems with weight loss is you are usually presented with a diet.

What a diet is designed to do is provide your body with less calories per day than your body needs. This simple strategy is designed to slowly reduce your bodies conversion of food into fat stores.

This will then reduce your weight.

So far so good, the problem with this strategy is the focus of your attack is on the food you eat. This then highlights what you are missing.

You are now not only missing your favourite foods, you are also hungry. This combination is very likely to fail.

So there is a solution.

Instead of attacking the food you eat to reduce weight why not try increasing your activity each day and lose weight without thinking.

You do this by using a low cost Pedometer (I have listed some below stocked by Amazon.co.uk).

This pedometer keeps an account of all the steps you take in one day. The more steps you take the more calories you will burn. You can increase your fat burning by just walking a bit further each day.

Take the stairs at work or park a little further away and then see how well you did at the end of the day

Better yet, why not turn this into a challenge with your partner or some friends and see who wins. Once you start to feel fitter then you may decide that the food your are eating may need some small changes.

But for now don’t go on a diet, don’t spend £100’s on a gym have some fun first and see how you get on and track your results.





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