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Application for a FREE strategy call

Stephen accepts both couples and individuals on these calls.

Appointments process

1. Complete the "Strategy Call Application Form" to help Stephen help you quickly on your first call.

2. Stephen will speak with you and provide his strategy/process to solve your problem(s) on the call.

3. If Stephen believes he can help you he will offer you an Initial consultation.


Please remember places are limited as Stephen can only work with 12 couples at any one time.



From: Stephen Hedger

I'm delighted by your interest in working one-on-one with me to discover what your marriage is truly capable of achieving.

I'm currently interviewing couples to assess their suitability for my Marriage Breakthrough Program.

Some slots are opening soon so just fill in the information so I know more about the help you require then we can hit the ground running when we speak.

Of course, you can always reach out to my office on on 0845 519 4808 if your need is urgent. Thank you so much for your interest! - Stephen

A 30 minute call with Stephen

In a short phone conversation, Stephen was able to quickly get to the heart of what the real issue was in our marriage – and why in almost a year of working on our marriage including 10 weeks of marriage counselling through a relationship therapy organisation, we weren’t really making any progress. 

I found Stephen to be extremely perceptive, as well as empathetic to our situation, while being able to quickly pinpoint the real sticking point in our marriage.

Many thanks


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