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For Individuals and Couples - This 30 minute call with me is designed to help you see your problems in solvable terms. The mission is to reignite your connection fast.

Please note Stephen is accepting couples outside of the UK

Hi, I'm Stephen Hedger, I have been helping couples out of crisis out of my Harley Street office for over 17 years. I am now helping couples and individuals globally learn the steps to gaining clarity on their problems.

The Power of 30 Minutes

Stephen was able to quickly get to the heart of what the real issue was in our marriage – and why. 

In almost a year of working on our marriage including 10 weeks of marriage counselling through a relationship therapy organisation, we weren’t really making any progress. 

I found Stephen to be extremely perceptive, as well as empathetic to our situation, while being able to quickly pinpoint the real sticking point in our marriage.

Many thanks

Dear Stephen

I was delighted to secure a free half hour with you today. 

I wasn’t disappointed. 

I found your advice incisive and insightful. 

It has given me lots to think about although it confirms what I already knew. 

I really appreciate your time and will book to see you to explore further.

Best wishes

My call with Stephen this week was incredibly helpful.  

Whilst I was aware of the problems my husband and I are experiencing and many of the reasons for them, I couldn’t quite imagine how we could possibly ever solve them as they have been present in our relationship right from the outset.

Stephen made me see that, despite that, there is a really good chance that we can overcome them simply by re-writing our particular script (one which has been playing on loop throughout our relationship) and learning how to be our authentic selves with one another.

I came off the call feeling positive and optimistic that Stephen would be able to help us either resolve the issue or, if it became apparent that it is simply a problem the two of us cannot overcome, then at least help us to accept that and make decisions on the future of our relationship based on it.

Stephen clearly has immense understanding of the way men and women interact and vast experience of helping couples through very difficult issues.

He certainly inspires confidence.


Dear Stephen

Thank you for your time today, it was much appreciated.  For the first time in months I feel positive about my marriage.  

I have always feared counselling, thinking it would involve digging over the past, and facing up to difficult truths.  

I found your approach refreshing, but also achievable.  

I will try very hard to hold onto the advice you gave me, and use it to build a happier future for myself and my husband.

Thank you again.


Dear Stephen
Thank you for your time to listen to my experience in my marriage. You gave me encouragement to speak out to my partner in confidence. You made me realise that sometimes the way we make comments on each other can aggravate the situation and make it worse. Your advice made me feel revived.

Kind regards



I have been reading, browsing, lurking on the site for awhile now trying to fathom a win-win way out of my situation. I had done some 1 to 1 therapy before which helped. Stephen’s offer of the phone-call and the potential for a ‘free’ series of sessions seemed too good to ignore. I promptly booked a slot and wrote up the initial form.

Its now been a couple of days and I guess the process has permeated through me a little more. The process was helpful in two ways:

1. Doing the form, helped me articulate what was going on.

2. The conversation itself with Stephen. This a two-part ‘win’ as I often wondered what he sounded like and now I know! Secondly it allowed for an external perspective on my situation. Stephen also articulated using different words and language, which in turn helped me better understand what I was going through. 

So, in summary, thank you very much for your time and effort Stephen, its much appreciated.


Those 30 minutes are the gateway to clarity, choice and evolution.

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