How it works...

If you are looking for a process to help you out of a marital crisis start here.

These pages are designed to help you understand how and why this process works to gain clarity and for many new hope out of their darkness.

What you are about to read is for couples and individuals.

It's designed to help clients out of their personal hell and into their version of heaven 

It’s highly likely that you are here because you have struggled with your relationship life and nothing you have tried works.

You may have even tried many forms of professional help and discovered that hasn’t worked either.

Stephen has spent the past 17+ years developing a highly popular empowerment process for helping couples out of their marital crisis.

He helps individuals (yes there is a strategy to do this on your own) and couples learn what it takes to understand their problems and put them back on track.

With the right knowlege what are they capable of achieving?

Stephen’s primary focus is to help individuals and couples in marital crisis discover what they are capable of achieving with the right information.

They will receive the strategy and the tools to put them back in the driving seat so their connection is a consistent WIN-WIN outcome!

This is not a fix a marriage at any cost service it is designed to discover if two people can create a lasting win-win connection together.

Why is the marriage really in trouble?

The question is this: Is your crisis because you are genuinely the wrong fit, or because your behavioural patterns are creating an unhappy dynamic?

This is an exciting and enlightening process for many as they start to see new hope for their future.

This hope in most cases is due to uncovering unhelpful behavioural patterns which are the root cause of their unhappy dynamics which can be corrected with the right strategy.

Essentialy Stephen teaches two parts - what to stop doing and what to start doing.

Before anyone starts work with Stephen he will take them through an onboarding process, this starts with a free 30-minute call or a fast track to their initial consultation.

See below to start the empowerment process.

If you need to know why this works and why so many couples embark on this process click here

The 3 Step Process to getting the right help

Step 1 

FREE 30 Minute Call

Stephen does NOT charge for this first meeting.

To help his clients he needs to understand if the individual(s) are coachable and are committed to doing what’s necessary to gain the results they are after.

With so many people wanting his help and only 3/4 new openings each month he is looking to work with people who are passionate to gain answers.

So to start the process Stephen offers individuals a free 30-minute discovery call to establish if he feels he can help.

If Stephen feels the fit is right he will offer the individual or couple a no-obligation one-hour initial consultation.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is designed for Stephen to share insights into the real problems the couple are experiencing.

Without knowing most people are blind to the real issues and try to fix the wrong problems which only make matters worse.

Once the couple has understood the real issues Stephen will talk them through the steps they will need to take to get them out of this uncomfortable place. 

The couple can ask all relevant questions about the program Stephen proposes to build for them in the meeting. 

This helps them understand how and why it works.

If Stephen feels he can still help and the couple agrees they will then be offered a program.

Some clients may want to skip the free call and start with the initial consultation which they can do below.

Step 3

Marriage Breakthrough Program

The Marriage Breakthrough Program is a strategic empowerment process that’s tailor-made for each person or couple to show them the process and unique thinking that will lead them to understand what they are capable of achieving.

Stephen will provide each person with the relevant tools and understanding so they can master their own connection so no matter what happens they will learn how to keep their connection alive.

He will also help individuals with the mega strategies that are designed to break lifelong unhelpful patterns. 

Each couple is not the same so the content and the duration of their program will be different.

Stephen will discuss this in your initial consultation.

If you have had enough of going round in circles and you want answers, start the process now by applying for your free 30-minute call either as a couple or an individual.