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Stephen Hedger: A Harley Street Consultant Specialising in Helping Couples out of Crisis Step-by-Step

Stephen Hedger is known as the most sought after marriage in crisis specialist in the UK. He is famous for saving marriages from divorce through his tailored Marriage Breakthrough Program.

Stephen has an international audience for his powerfully effective alternative to traditional therapies which attracts Bankers, Celebrities, Royalty, Entrepreneurs to name a few.

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The Marriage Breakthrough Program is uncovering for couples what they must know and do to solve their lack of connection

Stephen Hedger helps couples on the edge of divorce learn how to save their marriage and rediscover their passion so they can fall back in love again forever..

His clients learn his powerful strategies that are empowering individuals and couples to become successful in their relationships and marriages.

He is a proven international specialist for couples in marital crisis so you’ll discover what has to happen to overcome your challenges and build a successful marriage with your partner, no matter what's happened.

These success strategies are revealed in Stephen’s Marriage Breaththrough Program.

My clients are learning the strategies and tools they’ll need to uncover what they are capable of creating together.

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Stephen Hedger is currently interviewing individuals and couples for a place in his Breakthrough Programs

Stephen is limited to just 12 clients at any one time so on average it means each month he has just 4 places available so please apply here if you are interested.

Articles by Stephen Hedger

What’s the root cause of our problems?

When a couple keeps experiencing the same old problems and they keep trying to fix the symptoms of the root problem they will suffer and many will

Does their pain matter?

So I asked this gentleman to help me with two scenarios. The first scenario was his wife was in the home upset shouting bad words at him. I


One of the biggest requests from people who have suffered in their marriage is they want space, freedom to think, they just want to get away, run

A thought for Sunday

Whilst helping couples with their marital crisis I see many people who are trying to control their life, they try to control their relationship, and


So many people who discover their partners' affair are shocked at why they are not running or kicking them out. They were convinced an affair would

Why is being in love so hard?

The truth is that when done right being in love is the most rewarding place to be. Sadly many couples struggle to keep their love alive and they

Success Stories

“It was like walking through a minefield blindfolded”

When relationships go wrong the pain can be unbelievable. Today’s post is about a couple whose relationship was quickly out of control and both people thought it was the end. When I first agreed to meet this couple she arrived first.  She was clearly very anxious, eyes darting, wringing hands, unsure if her husband would […]

Please Save Our Marriage! – Testimonial

Please Save Our Marriage! This was the first email I recieved from Darren and Sue, they were at breaking point. When they first entered my clinic you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. This was a couple with young children on the edge, breaking up seemed like the only option open to them… Sue […]

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.