Stephen Hedger: A Harley Street Consultant Specialising in Helping Couples out of Crisis Step-by-Step

Stephen Hedger is a marriage in crisis specialist sought after by CEO’s Bankers, Judges, GP’s, Business Leaders, A-List Celebrities and Entrepreneurs.

He is famous for saving marriages from divorce through his tailored Marriage Breakthrough Program.

Stephen has an global audience and is looking for couples who are passionate to discover what they are capable of achieving with the right tools.

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The Marriage Breakthrough Program is uncovering for couples what they must know and do to solve their lack of connection

Stephen Hedger helps couples on the edge of divorce learn how to avoid divorce regret save their marriage and rediscover their passion so they can fall back in love again forever..

His clients learn his powerful strategies that are empowering individuals and couples to become successful in their relationships and marriages.

He is a proven international specialist for couples in marital crisis so you’ll discover what has to happen to overcome your challenges and build a successful marriage with your partner, no matter what's happened.

These success strategies are revealed in Stephen’s Marriage Breaththrough Program.

My clients are learning the strategies and tools they’ll need to uncover what they are capable of creating together.

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Stephen Hedger is currently interviewing individuals and couples for a place in his Breakthrough Programs

Stephen is limited to just 12 clients at any one time so on average it means each month he has just 4 places available so please apply here if you are interested.

Over 1000 articles written by Stephen Hedger

“Resentment Stacking”

When a persons’ marriage is NOT turning out to be the way they hoped, they are going to start stacking resentments towards their partner. This has the

10 Steps for Divorce Prevention

I have spent many many years working only with couples who are in crisis and on the edge of divorce. What I’ve learnt during this time is what works

The Blame Game Trap!

I have lost count of the number of times couples come to me because, either at home or with some forms of professional help, they find themselves in

“The Relationship Mirror Problem”

A lady was just starting her session with me, but she looked distracted, so I enquired what was going on. She apologised and said she just had an

The Success Path for Failing Marriages

In today's post, I will show you the process of creating lasting change for individuals and couples in crisis. What works, why it works and why the

She keeps saying NO!

I remember a conversation with a couple who brought up sexual frequency as a problem. He said they never had sex. She said they have sex all the

“I need to leave my marriage!”

If you need to leave your marriage and you have felt this for a while, there may be some things to consider before you change your life

Success Stories

Marriage Crisis from Infidelity & Communication Breakdown

Today’s post is about a professional couple in the UK who decided they wanted to share their experience of their tailormade program that was designed to help them out of their marital challenges. They were in crisis due to communication breakdown and infidelity. They had 12 meetings over five months to learn how to reconnect […]

His marriage was over!

This man was in the depths of sadness, his marriage was over, but he didn’t want it to be. They had seen numerous counsellors who had all concluded the marriage was indeed over. He had lost all feelings for his wife. Due to being so stuck for so long, he had started an affair. But […]

Client responds to testimonial

I’m working with this lady, and during the session, she wanted to comment on a testimonial another client had left. As you go through today post, you will see what she wanted to say. Before you get to her words, I want to set the context. I’m not quoting her word for word here, but […]

“I was in tears…” 

‘Initially I went to Stephen with a sole focus on saving my marriage as my husband wanted a divorce whilst I felt I could not let go of the 14 years’ relationship without giving it a second chance. My husband was determined to exit and refused to join the Marriage Breakthrough Programme with me, therefore […]

“Lawyer saves relationship alone”!

“I went to see Stephen when my relationship was at breaking point. The final trigger was my partner’s plan to sell his property and move in with me. We had until then a long-distance relationship and never spent more than about a month together (thanks to the COVID lockdown). I had finally moved to his […]

“It was like walking through a minefield blindfolded”

When relationships go wrong the pain can be unbelievable. Today’s post is about a couple whose relationship was quickly out of control and both people thought it was the end. When I first agreed to meet this couple she arrived first.  She was clearly very anxious, eyes darting, wringing hands, unsure if her husband would […]

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