Why it works...

For most people relationships are confusing and upsetting places to be and they don't understand why.

They have the power to create immense pleasure or debilitating pain.

I see all relationships are on a four degree decline year-on-year until the gap from how it should be to how it is, becomes so uncomfortable their connection breaks.

My clients either want clarity on direction or a model where they can evolve in a meaningful way.

They come with a message - "We are in this terrible situation what do we do?

My clients come hungry to learn

They want an empowerment process so they can feel good about themselves and build a future that makes sense again.

They are wanting to create the life and relationship they want.

They want it to be authentic, connected, passionate and safe.

When the inevitable problems strike they both want to know what to do to protect each other and their relationship.

They want their problems to be easy to deal with not baffling.

They will discover with me that relationship building is a process

Falling in love is a process, falling out of love is a process.

Killing their sexual energy is a process, reigniting their sexual energy is a process.

The four degree decline I mentioned at the start catches many victims from couples who lose passion and love to empty nesters.

Each relationship stage from new parents to retired couples will bring new challenges and couples are not seeing what's coming or how to manage it. 

It's all a process, no magical force is switching love on or off it's just understanding the mechanics of how humans work.

Both people have to win...

The process is very simple.

Each person needs to learn how to create a win-win outcome.

Every one I meet is using a WIN-LOSE model.

Without this basic philosophy they will live as a dysfunctional team where one or both people is actively acting as if they want their team mate to lose.

It's important to understand if their team mate loses they both lose.

Stop doing what doesn't work and start doing what does...

Sounds easy so what's the problem?

When I focus a clients mind onto what will make it better and what will make it worse they are usually blind to the problem.

This is a foundational and global problem. They have no idea how to make things better.

What they think will make it better, usually makes it worse. 

Each person is very different and if these differences are not understood it will cause significant problems.

The mission: Learn how to keep the resentments low and the pleasure high

Most people that enter this process are running the reverse of this model.

They need the steps to change their model of thinking so they experience natural connection and growth.

Each person has to understand their partner differently

To get the best out of your partner you must understand how and why they are different.

This is CRITICAL because they are not the same for a very good reason as my clients discover.

Below are a few examples...

How they think
What they need
What drives them emotionally
Their path to intimacy
Their connection model
How they solve problems 
Their communication model
How they see the future

In every one of these and more your partner is going to be different and it will be their normal.

All these parts need to understood before a lasting connection ever makes sence.

Those that don't have this understanding in place will experience disconnect, some immediatly and some over time.

So when you look at the list below what have you noticed appearing in your relationship?

The result of that emotional disconnect

Here is a list of typical emotional patterns that might happen as a result of that emotional disconnect.

They start bickering
One starts a pleasing model
They become agressive
Seek intimacy elsewhere
They control actively or passively
Become a victim
Have an addiction
Outdated pattern from childhood

Learn the power of influence

Each person must learn the power of influence how to positively affect what they are emotionally experiencing in themselves and what they bring to their partner

You see once a person has understood themselves and their partner, now they can be confident to lead the relationship to the emotions they would both like. 

Self sabotage 

Occasionaly a client will self sabotage without knowing.

Step one is make them aware.

Step two is to help them create a new emotional path to meet their critical needs but this time in a way that build more connection.

There is a lot to discover

Understanding human behaviour in the context of relationship building for many is fasinating, enlightening and empowering.

This is why after the initial consultation I usually meet with the indiviuals first

If you put two people in a room without all this knowledge above, they will naturally self-protect and judge their partner and this will lead them nowhere.

Except more proof of their disconnect.

I see disconnected couple as a proof that they are mismanaging their relationship without knowing.

Understanding builds compassion

When a person swops judgement for compassion through this knowledge, that's the moment the growth and contribution model starts and reconnection happens. 

Building tailor made programs for couples and individuals

I have helped many indiviudals save marriages that were meant to be saved throught this educational process.

Helping indivdiuals and couples out of crisis and into effective relationships is going to be different for every situation.

This is why a strategy is needed to build an effective process so they can get the best out of their situation once they have the right knowledge.

No two situations are the same.

The pople that do this work are curious and courageous who value their lives and want the best for themselves and their families.

Getting this right is exciting.

Nature or society has NOT equipped us to look after our relationships and our own lives.

It's why I made this video...

If this has made sence and you are now curiosity about what I may say about your situation start below with Step 1 or Step 2...

The 3 Step Process to getting the right help

Step 1 

FREE 30 Minute Call

Stephen does NOT charge for this first meeting.

To help his clients he needs to understand if the individual(s) are coachable and are committed to doing what’s necessary to gain the results they are after.

With so many people wanting his help and only 3/4 new openings each month he is looking to work with people who are passionate to gain answers.

So to start the process Stephen offers individuals a free 30-minute discovery call to establish if he feels he can help.

If Stephen feels the fit is right he will offer the individual or couple a no-obligation one-hour initial consultation.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is designed for Stephen to share insights into the real problems the couple are experiencing.

Without knowing most people are blind to the real issues and try to fix the wrong problems which only make matters worse.

Once the couple has understood the real issues Stephen will talk them through the steps they will need to take to get them out of this uncomfortable place. 

The couple can ask all relevant questions about the program Stephen proposes to build for them in the meeting. 

This helps them understand how and why it works.

If Stephen feels he can still help and the couple agrees they will then be offered a program.

Some clients may want to skip the free call and start with the initial consultation which they can do below.

Step 3

Marriage Breakthrough Program

The Marriage Breakthrough Program is a strategic empowerment process that’s tailor-made for each person or couple to show them the process and unique thinking that will lead them to understand what they are capable of achieving.

Stephen will provide each person with the relevant tools and understanding so they can master their own connection so no matter what happens they will learn how to keep their connection alive.

He will also help individuals with the mega strategies that are designed to break lifelong unhelpful patterns. 

Each couple is not the same so the content and the duration of their program will be different.

Stephen will discuss this in your initial consultation.

If you have had enough of going round in circles and you want answers, start the process now by applying for your free 30-minute call either as a couple or an individual.