Give Me Just 12 Weeks and You’ll Both Discover
If Your Marriage Can Be Saved...

Is your marriage in crisis? Are you looking for step-by-step help that genuinely works. Help that’s a powerful alternative to traditional marriage counselling?

Important: This is a specialist service created by Harley Street Marriage in Crisis Expert Stephen Hedger. 

It’s focused specifically on helping individuals and couples that could be heading for separation, or a divorce who want to discover if it can be avoided.

Stephen Hedger is an valued adviser to CEOs, Business Owners, Visiting Royalty, Judges, Bankers, Lawyers, Celebrities, Psychologists, Doctors their husbands and wives.

So if your marriage fails what are the consequences?

The process of divorce is very hard emotionally as other people decide on what happens to their money and their children.

• Children do suffer through divorce at the time and years later

• It's far more expensive than you'd think physically and emotionally

• They lose day-to-day contact with their own children 

• New partners influence their children’s lives and values 

• Many people are blind to why their marriage has really failed and this creates a significant risk of old problems being transferred to their new relationships.

Thankfully I have created the "Marriage breakthrough Program"

A tailor made program for individuals and couples that will help you both through this challenging time so you’ll be free to make a safe decision for yourselves and your families future.

The question: If you were to stay together, would you both be able to create a dynamic that builds a future of connected happiness that will also give your children an effective relationship model.

The program is designed to help the couple learn what they are capable of with the right help

Please note: To be clear not all couples should be together, 
this is why we are not blindly trying to fix the marriage. You will be on
a journey of discovery to learn what’s possible with expert help.

What's critical to the success of this program is the Framework

When couples enter their problem they are unaware of the moving parts that will influence their success or make matters worse.

It's why they are struggling.

In most cases they make matters worse without meaning to.

If they were able to see these influencing parts quickly they would be able to make profound changes that would aid reconnection.

Alignment is critical so understanding each others unique emotional system creates the ability to evolve their connection by aligning quickly.

Men would start to understand what to do to help his wife feel understood through effective connection models.

This connection allows women to reconnect and support him.

Both people have a responsibility to be part of a WIN-WIN team this framework helps them to achieve this.

The bottom line is communication and connection is improved through effective comprehension on both sides.

Most couples do not have this foundational skill so it's critical this is understood to stop and reverse resentment stacking.

Resentment stacking is process that turns off peoples feelings and hinders their ability to stay invested.

This framework is critcal because it allows both people to protect and feed the relationship.

Learning this new dynamic creates an important reset which is core to why so many couples are able to reconnect no matter how long they have been disconnected.

They switched off the connection for a reason now they can learn how to safely switch it back on.

The Marriage Breakthrough Program is helping couples on the edge of divorce  

Through this program Stephen Hedger is empowering individuals and couples to understand their problems so they can make the right decisions for the rest of their lives. 







Stephen Hedger believes

Any marriage is comprised of two people with very unique histories, beliefs, needs and values who have together created a world / dynamic unlike any other couple on the planet.

The couple needs to understand these differences in a way that supports their connection and growth as an effective team.

It's critical that each person quickly learns in easy steps how to build a win-win dynamic.

My 12 Session Marriage Breakthrough Program’s Plan to help any couple is simple:

  1. Understand where the couple really is today? Some couples are in a worse place than they realise and some are not as bad as they think.
  2. Understand the outcome the couple are happy to work towards.
  3. Profile the individuals, understand their needs values, beliefs and personal strengths.
  4. Build steps to take them towards their chosen goals.
  5. Evaluate effectiveness.

Please remember this programs steps will be tailored specifically for each couple and are unique to that couples challenges.

In this program you will learn...

Learn the framework that holds all the moving parts together

This enables each person to be in the driving seat no matter what hits them. They will see the relationship between all the moving parts that influence each other emotions and why they partner experiences them so differently.

The framework is the real key as it means they can solve the future problems without needing my help.

The new thinking it takes to build a successful connected and lasting relationship

This is important because 99% of the population don’t know how too build a successful marriage and have used a very risky “fingers crossed” strategy which is why they are in trouble.

They will learn their behavioural patterns and triggers.

By helping the couple understand the patterns that are destroying their marriage they can replace them with patterns that actually work.

What causes a relationship to fail and specifically yours?

Most couples are totally unaware of the effect they are having on each other and their future together.

Understanding the significant differences between men and women.

Men and women are very different and so communication can be very challenging. Communication is critical for a safe connection and so understanding each other effectively will grow a deeper bond.

How to create trust and respect.

Without trust and respect most couples will fear a future of pain, rather than future of pleasure and so the relationship will always fail.

Learn how to deal with conflict.

If the couple can have conflict and grow closer they will build significant security and avoid stacking resentments that just keep coming up to bite the couple years after the event(s).

Learn how to understand what your partner really needs.

Too many marriages are failing because the couple have no idea how to meet their partner needs and so they guess and this usually results in failure.

Discover each others strengths so they can become a team.

Both people will naturally feel better if they are working to their core strengths and this too aids secure attachments which are foundational to the couples success.

How to build a future that’s compelling for both of you.

Unless you are invested in each other futures you can’t grow together.

Discover how to reclaim your true self in the relationship.

This brings honestly freedom and allows confidence and self-esteem to thrive.

Who uses this service?

Stephen Hedger has become popular with Bankers, Judges, GP’s, Business Leaders, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and visiting Royalty to name a few.

These couples on the edge of divorce have been keen to learn his unique insights into seeing their problems in solvable terms.

Most wanted to know if saving their marriage was actually possible, or even the right thing to do based on so much unhappiness.

These clients all arrived with an array of emotions and unique marriage problems. Some were lost, frustrated and angry and some were detached, emotionally numb with bouts of sadness. 

Common question is...

Is it actually possible for a relationship to be dead for years and for it to be fully reignited? 

Yes, couples that have been emotionally and sexually dead with each other for over 10 years and thought it would never work have successfully sparked their marriage back to life. 

Some say it’s never been this good ever.

Many relationships are just dormant waiting for the right focus spark of energy.

How is this different to traditional counselling?

  1. A defined plan is created for the couple.
  2. The couple are given a framework for success that frees both people to be who they really are.
  3. The couples are given weekly advice and steps to their chosen goal
  4. The process is educational as the couple are coached on the understanding and skills they'll both need to sustain a successful passionate marriage.
  5. The couple are NOT focused on their problems initially, because their problems are symptoms of their real challenges. Which is why couples go round in frustrating circles with each other.
  6. The couple are taught the fundamental differences between men and women in the context of an intimate relationship so they can actually communicate and understand each other effectively.
  7. The couple are given tools so they know how to overcome problems in the future - this is the framework.
  8. They learn about how they work as individuals and how to raise their game in their relationship so it’s successful.
  9. They learn how to repair the relationship problems fast.
  10. How to plan a future together so it works
  11. Most of all they learn how they can help each other to be free, to be all of who they are with each other without fear.
  12. One of the biggest differences is in the results. I offer a results focused service and the couple can track with me how they are doing. 90%+ success rates and higher for couples in my 12 week program last year.

Rebuilding the trust...

I have tried to change my partner for years and it’s impossible why do you think you can change them? 

No one wants to be changed and so the goal is to help both people become more of who they really are. It is only from this position the truth can be gained.

Shouldn’t relationships just work? 

The simple answer is no. The couple need skills to be able to keep that connection secure so the relationship not just lasts but remains passionate too.

My partner feels we are incompatible could this be true?

When relationships start to fail we go into survival mode and we all change to protect ourselves. This change creates feelings of incompatibility.

Do you believe all couples can be or should be saved? 

No. Some couples are better off apart for all the right reasons. Please don’t assume this is you without getting clarity. 

Some of my clients have been kind enough to want to support you 
because they were once in your shoes.

Home life had become hostile

Tim and I went to see Stephen Hedger because after nearly twenty years together our relationship seemed to have fallen into an unhappy rut which neither of us knew how to get out of.

Tension, resentment and insecurities crept in over several years and gradually increased to the point that the atmosphere at home became quite hostile which affected our children and made everyone unhappy.

We had several sessions with Stephen over three months.  It’s hard to describe Stephen’s methods but he has a remarkable knowledge and perception of people, their brains and emotional responses.

The results have far exceeded our expectations.  We had hoped to get out of the unhappy rut and stop the negative spiral our relationship had developed.  Without wishing to sound weird or cheesy, Stephen appears somehow to have re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around. 

Tim & I feel immensely grateful to Stephen and would highly recommend him, he’s very good value!

Tim and Jill - Banker and Housewife

Total Communication breakdown

Dear Stephen

With your help, we got to understand each other and from that we could defuse tensions that existed in our own minds, not necessarily real for both of us.

Working on our relationship never stops, but thanks to the help we got through working with you, we are in a much better place, and a place that now will hopefully require only us to discuss, understand and resolve.

Thank you.

Everybody, you can’t always solve it yourselves. So if you need guidance, Stephen is probably the best chance you have of cutting to the quick and saving the good you know you have but need someone else to voice it.

Thank you Stephen. We are fine. We are in love, and we are growing together.

Phill and Peijie - Lawyers

House on the market and divorce lawyers consulted


I wanted to write to say thank you. There has been a huge turning point in our relationship. We have both worked really hard at following your advice and I have started to allow myself to get close to D physically.

From where we were a few months ago – with the house on the market and divorce lawyers consulted – to where we are now feels nothing short of a miracle. We both realise that there is still so much love and so much worth saving. It was just all disguised under fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and feelings of disconnect and hopelessness.

Your skill as a coach is very special. Anyone who has tried traditional counselling and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel.

With very best wishes

Grace – London - Lawyers

I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship

At the beginning of the year my relationship was at such a low point I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship which left me in a state of anguish.

As a last ditch effort I made an appointment with Stephen Hedger, admittedly not holding out much hope?

Much to my surprise after as little as three meetings I found that there had been a marked improvement in my relationship and that I was fundamentally a lot more positive in salvaging the situation of hopelessness I felt I was in.

Stephen Hedger communicated with clarity and provided us with the tools not only to fix problems today but tools to fix problems for tomorrow.

I am now very happy in my relationship and look to the future with optimism.

Charles – Jane - CEO and Fashion Designer

She told me it was over

My wife told me out of the blue that she loved me but wasn’t in love with me anymore. This came as a complete shock to me.

As we have a young child we agreed that we would go and see a couples counsellor – The sessions were bleak, depressing and frankly fairly poisonous – they made us both feel awful about ourselves and our relationship.

One day I found Stephen’s website and it was clear that his approach was completely different. I called his office straight away and spoke to him later that day. We only spoke for 10 minutes but those 10 minutes made more sense and gave me more hope than several hours with the previous counsellor ever did.

We moved into his premium 3 month programme. This was the best decision we made. Stephen clearly put a huge amount of thought and planning into our couples sessions and that paid massive dividends for us.

We have now reconnected and are rebuilding our marriage with huge hope for the future and a completely different understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship.

Stephen but he has already worked a miracle for us. Day by day our relationship is getting better and better when a short time ago I was convinced it was over. I cannot thank him enough for saving my marriage and my family from a situation which seemed completely devoid of hope.

Company Director and Consultant

The Exclusive
Marriage Breakthrough Program is limited to 12 couples

If you wish to be considered please act now because your relationship problems won’t magically go away.

90%+ of the couples I have worked with using this powerfully effective Marriage Breakthrough Program have gained the goals they were after and are today living loving and connected lives together giving their children the future that’s most secure.

To gain these results the process has to be designed and so this limits the amount of clients that I can work with at any one time.

How do I get started with Stephens' program?

Step 1. To get started Stephen is offering a FREE phone call to discover if you or you and your partner are right for this service.

Step 2. If Stephen is happy you are the right client for his program and he believes he can help you he will invite you in for a Zoom Initial Consultation. 

Step 3. If Stephen is happy to proceed you will both be invited into his tailored Marriage Breakthrough Program

Final Thoughts

  • One of the reasons this 12 Session Program has been so successful to reveal the right answers is because the individuals minds becomes clear of their fears and worries because they get clarity on why they really have problems and what they can do about it. This means they are no longer helpless. This enables them to focus on a future that will really give them the fulfillment they are after. 

  • Another concern I get is that your situation is so unique and so problematic that no matter what anyone does the future together is impossible. The reality is no problem is ever permanent and it only feels that way based on what you both know about building a successful relationship. 

  • I want to leave you with one last thought. The most successful people on the planet act differently to the rest of the population and knowing what they did differently changed my life forever. Successful people do what’s hard first so they can make the rest of their lives easy. Unsuccessful people do what’s easy first only to find the rest of their life is hard.

    So please ask yourself this question: If you were to fast forward to the end of working with me after 12 sessions and you had the answers that gave you total clarity on the direction on the rest of your life, how valuable would that be for you?