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I have amazing clients who have been kind enough to share in their words their experience of what it's like to work with me. They are sharing to explain the pain they were in was never permanent and there is a route to a far better life.

My Wife had an affair

Stephen’s advice in the whole process has been amazing – he really understood the different dynamics involved with both myself and my wife in every step of our journey in the last four months or so.

He has saved our marriage and made it so much better than it was before.

I can recommend without hesitation Stephen – he is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.

Banker and his wife, Click to read full story

Divorce was on the cards

Our advice to others, who find themselves in the same precarious position of their relationship ending, but really wanting it to last forever, is to take the plunge and meet with Stephen.  He will take you on a journey of discovery for yourself and your partner.

The sessions with Stephen have been one of our greatest personal and relationship discoveries and we’re very happy that we decided to take that plunge!  Have faith that in Stephen….there is support out there in desperate times.

Company owner and his wife, Click to read full story

Please save our marriage

Stephen’s approach was very different to what we had experienced in couples counselling.

He challenged our thinking, tested our commitment, highlighted our own inconsistencies and steered us towards focusing on how we each wanted life to be.

He works at a fast pace. I liked this as I felt we had already wasted too much of life being unhappy.

Counsellor and husband, Click to read full story

Dear Stephen

As our sessions with you have now concluded both Mandi & I wished to convey to you our gratitude for grabbing the reigns of our failing relationship and gently steering us back onto the right path. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride highlighted with moment’s of humour.

Hindsight is a wonderful term and we are only now realising the significance and nature of events that shaped our past and influenced our relationship in the good and bad ways.  When we contacted you we had found ourselves in a place that neither wanted to be but had no answers. Your skills effected a gentle transformation and the difference after 5 months is remarkable.

Business owners, Click to read full story

I am supposed to be intelligent and successful...

...yet feel I know little about creating a wonderful relationship.

Of course, this deficiency has a serious impact on quality of life, but thanks to Stephen’s help I am finally starting to learn about that which is essential to being truly happy.

It is uncanny how Stephen always seems to understand both perspectives in a relationship and immediately offers helpful advice.   He has made a huge difference in my relationship intelligence.

CEO , Click to read full story

I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship

At the beginning of the year my relationship was at such a low point I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship which left me in a state of anguish.

As a last ditch effort I made an appointment with Stephen Hedger, admittedly not holding out much hope?

Much to my surprise after as little as three meetings I found that there had been a marked improvement in my relationship and that I was fundamentally a lot more positive in salvaging the situation of hopelessness I felt I was in.

Stephen Hedger communicated with clarity and provided us with the tools not only to fix problems today but tools to fix problems for tomorrow.

I am now very happy in my relationship and look to the future with optimism.

Entrepreneur and fashion designer, Click to read full story

She told me she wasn't in love with me

My wife by this stage was convinced that our relationship was over, but agreed to see Stephen for the sake of our son.

We both started off with some individual sessions with Stephen.  Stephen challenged us both around the thinking and behaviour that had led to to be in crisis. He showed us as individuals where we had gone wrong and the ways we could change things to make things work. He continually challenged and pushed us forward.

Far from having no hope (as the previous counsellor had told us!), Stephen has shown us how to get out of this crisis and how a wonderful, happy marriage is completely available to us. He is showing us step by step how to rebuild our relationship and how to never return to the crisis that we faced.

Young professional couple, Click to read full story

Home became quite hostile which affected our children…

We had several sessions with Stephen over three or four months.  It’s hard to describe Stephen’s methods but he has a remarkable knowledge and perception of people, their brains and emotional responses.  The sessions were calm and constructive, dealing with our shared and individual values, needs and hopes.  They were sometimes emotional but Stephen subtly managed to avoid it becoming negative, as was the case in our previous efforts, there was no blame or judgement.

The results have far exceeded our expectations.  We had hoped to get out of the unhappy rut and stop the negative spiral our relationship had developed.  Without wishing to sound weird or cheesy, Stephen appears somehow to have re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around.

Banker and his wife, Click to read full story