Stephen Hedgers Story

Stephen Hedger offers married couples in crisis across the globe a comprehensive strategic roadmap to overcome their marriage problems. Today Stephen works with Celebrities, CEO’s, Lawyers, Bankers, Judges, and business owners helping them transform their family and personal relationships with massive breakthroughs, seemingly against all odds.

Stephen says “…if there is one thing that has the ability to create fulfillment in a persons life, a personal relationship is that place. No matter how much money a person has, or how great they are in their careers, if their relationships are not working, life will feel very wrong.”

Stephen helps “couples in crisis”, “marriages on the verge of divorce” and “pre marriage couples” what it really takes to build a successful lasting and passionate relationship.

Couples are learning little know facts about why some relationships work and why some don’t and how to apply these powerful proven success factors to their own marriage. was founded by Stephen Hedger when he wanted to share his passion for building successful relationships with couples who were struggling to make their marriages work.

Stephen Hedger teaches better practices for a lasting passionate marriage through his proven key milestones that can be applied to any relationship challenge. Using proven milestones Stephen builds bespoke programs and roadmaps designed to gain the outcomes his clients demand.

1. Learn how to repair your relationship fast no matter whats happened
2. Build trust, respect and security
3. Discover and meet each others needs
4. Learn how and why the sexes are different
5. Become a team and build a passionate future together
6. Learn how to ignite the passion in your partner

These are just a few of the keys to creating an engaging and successful adventure through life together.

Stephen Hedger Breakthroughs & Successful Marriages

Stephen wants to help couples learn the skills to building, creating and mastering the seemingly complex world of personal relationships.

His real world experience, where results rule, he wants to help couples put an end to wasting their time and money on what didn’t work and rescue them from the frustration he sees so many experiencing.

He knew he could make a difference and help couples see their relationship from a perspective that enabled love and growth to flourish and so save children from the painful experience of being children with divorced parents.

Today influences 10,000s of individuals and couples every year to become curious about how their relationships work.

Each month many couples learn with Stephen how to cut through what doesn’t work and how to focus on what does, saving them years of pain and suffering that if left could lead them to divorce.

Your roadmap to a successful marriage

Stephen Hedger has built a reputation for helping marriages out of crisis in record time some in days some in just a few weeks.

What he teaches is not just theory he shows couples how to apply the strategies for success live in his sessions. Repair crisis and rebuild trust, communication skills, emotional state dynamics, to name a few.

He will teach you step-by-step a process to overcome whatever challenge life throws at you so you’ll learn how to become a team and use each others natural strengths to overcome any challenge.

He creates a strategy to overcome the immediate trauma the couple faces and combines it with daily practices that rebuilds trust. The couple naturally rebuilds their security together freeing them to feel safe to sparking their passion for each other again.

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t

You’ll quickly understand the obvious actions you can take to overcome what today seems like a mountain of impossible problems.

You’ll learn how to cut through what doesn’t work and how to plan for and action success.

So why not commit to your happiness take action and get started now

More information

Stephen is a qualified coach with full insurances. His experience spans not just from his 12 years of specialising in working with couples in crisis but in mastering NLP, Sequential Mind Technology and Hypnosis. He has studied with the best in the world looking at creating more effective social systems in family life, including studying couples dynamics and mega strategies through Master Therapists and leading coaches.

Stephens approach is based on knowing that not one change therapy actually works on it’s own. He believes that couples need to be guided using multiple tools across all change technologies that will suit the individuals and couples specific needs.

The changes anyone makes is based on understanding how a person experiences their world and interrupting the patterns that are blocking their happiness and safely moving them towards their chosen goals thus freeing them.

In couples work the goal is not to just blindly try to fix their relationship. The mission is to discover if the couple can create a dynamic that works together.

The key to making the changes that have been so successful is in educating the couple on the few things that will make 80% of their difference with each other. This education and being taught the powerful tools of effective communication, how to deal with challenges, how to craft a future they can both invest in and most of all how to maintain trust, respect and a passion for life together.

Stephen believes that he is always a student first and a teacher second. Stephens primary values are firstly love and secondly growth and he bring these values to all his sessions for his clients.