Stephen Hedger is a Harley Street Specialist Helping Marriages out of Crisis

" Understanding how the dynamics work between men and women are the foundation to every successful marriage." - Stephen Hedger

Individuals from the UK, Europe & US are visiting Stephen Hedger in Harley Street, London for his proven solutions to relationship problems and marriage in crisis.

Learn step-by-step how to how to understand why your relationship is in trouble how to fix it so the changes are lasting.

What We Do

We Provide Information, Training, and Coaching to Help Individuals and Couples Build Successful Relationships.

Stephen Hedger offers powerful strategies for individuals and couples to become successful in their relationships and marriages.

He is a proven international specialist for couples in marital crisis so you’ll discover what has to happen to overcome your challenges and build a successful marriage with your partner, no matter what's happened.

These success strategies are revealed in Stephen’s Marriage Breaththrough Program.

If you want to get the strategies you'll need to attract the marriage you dreamed of and want to make every single penny you spend with us count then these solutions are for you.

Communicate and get through

Build lasting trust

Meet each others needs effectively

Ignite passion

Conflict management

Seeing the strength in your differences

Become YOU again

Plan a compelling future together



Stephens Clients

Stephen clients are passionate people looking for clear solutions to their marriage and relationship problems.

His clients include, business leaders, business owners, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers, Celebrities and Royalty to name a few.

Based in Harley Street, London. Stephen offers his clients a very special and unique level of service.

Stephen attracts a global audience due to the speed of his results focused service.

Stephens clients understand that his goal is not just to fix their problems. He is looking to discover if the couple can become a team, overcome their problems together and create a dynamic that will create a loving and passionate life together.

So if you are looking for easy to follow straight forward advice that works then this will be for you.


Our Services

Marriage in Crisis:

marriage-in-crisisStephen helps couples learn how to reconnect even if their marriage has felt dead for years. Years of confusion helps couples misunderstand each other and this leads to emotional disconnection and loss of feelings. Couples can wrongly feel that divorce is their only solution.

Getting Over A Divorce

break-upHow can you move on, how can you rebuild your life when it’s just been turned upside down? How can you stop the pain when getting through the day is all you can manage and everything is a reminder of your ex.

Pre-Marriage Coaching:

pre-marriageStephen takes individuals into a world that’s totally different to their own, their partners world. Not knowing how to really understand each other is the first step to a divorce. 50% divorce rate is not an accident it this way for a reason.

How To Date Successfully:

datingStephens first hand knowledge of working with couples in crisis have given him essential information that all individuals should be aware of before they choose to settle.

How to leave your marriage?

unwanted-marriageMany people wrongly stay in marriages, due to guilt, or powerful emotional fears. Learn how to overcome your fears and become free again.

Reignite Your Marriage:

couple-sailingYou and your partner may have a good relationship, but maybe it’s lost it’s passion. You know you will never leave each other, but you don’t want the old people to move in too early.


Is Your Marriage In Crisis?

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Marriage Success Stories

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