Mission : Vision : Values

This is my commitment to my life purpose and to those that want to learn.

My Mission

My mission is to support, serve and add as much value to as many people as I can in my life time and after I’m gone so they can understand what really has to happen to really create a life of love and passion.

From personal experience I know the true cost of getting this part of my life wrong. Sadly getting it wrong was far too easy and very painful, however what’s great is I learnt that getting it right was also easy, I just needed a change in my philosophy and how I took action.

So my mission is to share with those that want to learn the simple principles of how to avoid divorce and how to grow love and how to teach this little known knowledge to their children so they are safe.

Married to Cloe we are creating a future I could only have dreamed of. In finding her I have won my lottery.

With what I have discovered in how to grow an amazing relationship I am probably the wealthiest man on the planet, not in cash terms, but in terms of what’s most important to us all and that’s LOVE.

For you I wish the same experience, a life of love and passion is available to you, you just have to learn how and that’s my commitment to you.

What I have learnt I will share with my children because I want them to be safe, in fact as I create and craft my programs I have them in my mind because I know in my heart I will always give them the best information from my heart.

My vision

I remember being at school and the only child without a mum and dad was this little girl who’s father had just died. I remember thinking I could not imagine her pain to be without her daddy.

Today most of our children are victims of their mums and dads getting their relationships wrong. My vision is to do all I can to make sure that single parent and blended families are in the minority as fast as I can.

What do I value

  • Love
  • Growth
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Adventure