Don’t let the old people move in to your life

I wanted to give you something today to have a think about over the weekend. My hope for some of you is this will spark a new energy to achieve something great for you and those you love. 

From time-to-time a story hits the press where a person over the age of 70 has just jumped out of a plane, finished a degree, started a new business.

These amazing characters are giving us a message that for them it’s never too late and you’re never too old to go for a dream.

My father for example he is 74 years old and I know will never retire, he says maybe in the next 10 years, BTW it’s their 50th Wedding anniversary today, amazing.

One of my mentors Jim Rohn believes it takes just six years to become a millionaire with the right thinking and actions. So in terms of a life six years is not very long and can easily be fitted in at any point into a persons life even at retirement.

But of course life is not just about money. Life is about getting the feelings you want and this is what leads us all to fulfilment.

The key is understanding what feelings you are after and not to settle for being average, many people don’t go for their dreams because…..

…they then provide a list of excuses.

These people who are not doing all they can, have allowed an old person to move in to their mind and have settled for another night in front of the TV.

Life is not about what you can achieve, it’s really about who you have to become to be able to achieve what’s important to you.

Life, relationships, family, passion, adventure it’s too easy to settle into giving yourself the illusion that not having much is ok.

Of course if a person doesn’t want much, then they don’t have to become much, Jim would say.

But isn’t life about doing and being the best you can be and never giving up on your dreams. Many start their life with so much energy and expectations. For the many life just gets in the way and then it all seems too hard.

Know this, if you can find a reason that’s good enough for you, you will find a way to go for your dreams. If you want more love, more passion, more energy, more money the solution is there for you and it starts with knowing who you have to become to achieve it.

Many people are shocked when they discover they have allowed an old person to move into their mind. They are surprised they have settled for average and retired from their life far too soon.

Every single day is a gift, it’s valuable, we all have limited days and every day we spend, it’s another one we can never get back.

Your question to you is, are you spending your days wisely? What in your life needs to change?


About Stephen Hedger

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