Major Cause of Marriage Problems: Loss of your sex life

One of the major causes of marriage problems is sexual disconnection. Couples that are struggling to connect outside of the bedroom will undoubtedly have trouble connecting within it.

Both male and female have the ability to disconnect if they feel the marriage is not working for them.

For those thinking that you have a sexual problem please be mindful that your sex life, or lack of it, is likely to be due to problems in your current dynamic combined with your history together.

One gentlemen came to me so shocked that his partner had embarked on a string of one night stands. He told me that because they had not had sex for years he was convinced she just wasn’t interested in sex. We are all sexual creatures and she had suppressed her true needs, until now.

The harsh reality was she just wasn’t interested in having sex with him. When we explored the history we discovered a catalogue of misunderstandings on both sides that has killed the couples sexual energy. These misunderstandings had lead her to shut down emotionally to him. He just wanted her to be happy so he just accepted her this way.

Many couples struggle to maintain a good sexual connection, secretly many long for a deeper connection. Many desire a deeper and darker connection but never share with their partner what they really want because they are afraid they will be rejected.

The formula for a great sexual connection has to start with a strong sense of physical and emotional security.

If the couple feel secure what now becomes important is do you understand what needs are most important to your partner? More importantly not only what they need but how they need it.

If the couple can feel secure and their needs are being met, next they need a future vision that reflects how life should be. Couples in trouble complain that their future has disappeared.

Now the couple need to focus on their needs in terms of what will connected each other sexually, this means a focus of the polarity of the couple so it creates sexual energy.

One couple came me last year and their relationship had collapsed for her as they hadn’t had sex for 7 years. He was oblivious to his reality and she was totally out of the relationship.

She felt the task to fix the marriage was totally impossible, but she had children and felt they deserved a shot.

They wanted the best I had to offer, so they opted for the divorce prevention program this is my highest level of service and to be frank they only way to save them as this was a big job.

The session started and he was tearful and shocked at the thought of his marriage ending and he said “I want you to teach me all you know.”

She was shocked at his reaction. Her reaction was then interesting, as he listened to what I taught him and he put it into action she became angry.

“Why have you not been doing this, I have felt dead with you for 10 years” she was so cross at him.

I shared with him how to learn about her and how to care for her and how to see her anger as a release of the years of pent up frustration.

He was amazing and together they edged towards a connection where they started to care about each other again and they both felt cared for.

Sexually she was shocked at how the feelings she thought were dead had come back.

Today this couple are fully connected as they always should have been. Every so often they refer their friends to me.

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