Do you have to understand your partners emotions before you will respect them?

Reassuring her everything will be okay

Couples who judge each other, or belittle their partners’ emotions will usually find resentment in their relationship and this can be very damaging.

One of the golden keys to a successful marriage is to take away judgment of your partners’ behavior(s).

If he or she feels something, that something is very real to them and even if it makes no sense to you, showing you care about them is critical.

If someone doesn’t feel they can share their feelings without judgement from you then they will stop communicating with you.

That means they will stop being honest about their emotions.

If they feel they can’t be all of who they are when they are with you, the relationship will no longer meet their critical needs and they will have no choice but to go elsewhere to fill up and feel good.

The result is the trust will start to die and a ping-pong effect of resentment will build in the relationship.

Without trust the relationship cannot survive.

When your partner is in emotional pain being there for them at that point is critical.

Have a think about how you both operate, does the emotions in your relationship have to make sense to you before they are respected, if so this could be a root cause of some of your problems.

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