How To Meet Your Partners Needs

Yesterday we spoke about the “Number 1 reason why couples break up?” and what has to happen for the relationship to be successful again. The answer was to meet your partners needs!

Now I know many of you will have a belief that you have done all you can to meet your partners needs and he or she is impossible to please. The challenge everyone faces is that what you think their needs might be could be totally different from what they actually need.

So it’s not difficult to understand that unless you find out what you partner really needs your chances of failure are high.

Now every one is different, and I am going to put a guide to help you understand what is most likely to work.

When you read through this list I want you to notice your reaction to yourself. You may either not want to do this, or feel it is impossible because, maybe your partner has behaved so badly.

Just notice what you notice about you.

Meeting a Womans Basic Needs

  • A woman needs a man to be there for her emotionally and especially when she becomes upset. She needs love and understanding through any pain she feels inside. She can communicate her pain through criticism, swearing, putting him down. If a man can weather these times by listening, giving her love and his presence she will start to see a future that can be secure with him.
  • Find out what she loves from the big stuff down to the small stuff. If a man puts regular effort into keeping the relationship alive and exciting in the way she likes she will attach great feelings to him.
  • What actions or words, does she need to feel important? Every week he can discover how to make her know she is the most important person in the world to him.
  • She wants to be loved by her man and his mission is to discover what it is that helps her feel that love. Looking deep into her eyes with love in your heart for her will be a great start. She will need more, find out what that more is for her, she is unique and how she connects with it will be unique to her. Could be anything from a loving nickname to a smile.
  • She has a vision for her future, find out what it is create goals you can both get excited about and commit to helping her becoming the woman she wants to be in the life she wants to live.
  • Become selfless and give to her, but do it with no expectation of getting anything back. Give to her because you love her and want the best for her, don’t trade with her because, she will feel your needs are more important than hers.
  • If she feels his needs are more important than hers to him, she will feel unsafe in the relationship with him and problems will be on the horizon.

So the question now is this? Is this possible for you to give all the above to her? If it isn’t is now the time to understand why? Of course I’m always here to help those of you that want to learn more.

Tomorrow I will share with you a Mans Basic Needs.

As always please feel free to comment below.

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