Marriage Tip Two: Are You Enough For Your Partner?

If a person has a life without a planned direction or purpose then what should that person should expect from their life?

What would happen to the couple without direction or life purpose, they get married and don’t plan their journey through life? What should they expect from their life together?

The secret to success in this world is simple, you have to work out where you can add value and plan to add lots of value to whatever is important to you.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if a person doesn’t add value then that persons worth in that context has to be in question.

This fundamental law is universal, it works with money, relationships, careers, children the list goes on.

The people who are wanting to be financially wealthy and can’t work out how, are missing this fundamental key.

Their focus is on what they want i.e. ‘The Money’, they are focused on themselves and what they want, and not on how they can add value.

If a person wants to be wealthy financially then is it obvious that they have to become valuable to the people that have the money?

Relationships and marriages use the same laws. Unless you become consistently valuable to your spouse in the way that they need, how will you hold your worth in their eyes?

So where are the obvious problems for married couples?

Most individuals don’t understand how to become and remain valuable to their partner?

Many people in relationships don’t add value in the way their partner needs and this ignites ‘fears’ that life together is not going to be the way it should be.

These ‘fears’ help the individuals to focus on protecting themselves from emotional pain.

Whilst they are focused on themselves and avoiding their pain, they are not adding value to their partner.

If one or both people do this consistently in their marriage, what do you think will happen?

It’s simple, they are no longer valuable and over time their marriage will die.

As you can see fears create marital & relationship death.

Planning how to be successful creates a very different world, because it focuses the couple on their roles in their shared goals.

  • So if you want to be enough for your partner learn how to become
    valuable to them fast

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