Relationship Master Skill FOUR of SEVEN

Now we can start to get to the fun stuff, please remember you are free to comment or ask questions at the bottom of this post…

Many couples go through a process of expecting the passion in their relationships to die over time. So with this expectation we accept the loss of passion as apart of our lives as the process of time passes and impacts us all.

Yes that’s right…. speak to anyone it happens and we all know it does.

Well here is my take on this… The person who started that rumor NEEDS SHOOTING, all that’s happened is you, we, society has hypnotised/conditioned us to believe that this total rubbish is true. I mean talk about the best away to put young couples off life long commitments…

…Yes with that plan the only way to have a lasting passionate sex life is to sleep with 100’s of people, or accept living in relationship where you grab it where you can and be grateful.

  • WOW!!! Yes please sign me up for that program. - I don’t think so!!!

The passion in people and relationships don’t die, what happens is people just become fearful that life is not the way it should be, or maybe they hold a belief they are not enough for their partner or maybe they fear they can’t trust them.

Tell me this how sexy do you feel when you are scared? Who in a place of fear feels connected with themselves in a passionate and intimate way.

  • That’s right NO ONE!!!!

I don’t care how long a couples sex life has been dormant, it is totally possible to spark your partner back into life, you have either just forgot, or have stopped doing it through a fear of something bad happening if you do.

Individuals in relationships need to re discover how to be playful, and be 100% present with their partner again just like you both did when you were dating. You have amazing gifts that when shared with your partner and become apart your life and your relationship, will help to grow and spark that passionate deep connection back with each other all over again.

Remember this is not a request to change you, this is to help you both become who you really are again, replacing fears for love and living a life designed for who you really are.

  • Look forward to speaking to you in part five please post any questions or comments below.
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