The Simple Formula For Relationship Success That Anyone Can Do!

This formula is so simple everyone can do it. In fact if you started a successful relationship even if today it’s not so good, whatever you and your partner once did worked.

If your relationship has problems then it’s what you practiced since things were good is what’s caused your problems.

Relationships can seem very complicated especially when they are going wrong, couples get bogged down in stuff that really isn’t important, but to them it feels critical.

The basics

If you go back to the basics of when you first meet someone, what you are looking out for is, how you feel about YOU when you are with this potential partner.

If you didn’t feel good then the chances of a second date would be slim to none.

Most couples who stop getting on, stop feeling good about themselves when they are with their partners, this makes the relationship vulnerable to problems and potential failure.

So if we are all looking out for how we feel when we are with our partners, if you want to keep your relationship, wouldn’t it make sense that your mission would be to help your partner feel good about themselves when they are with you?

In essence if your partner feels great about themselves when they are around you, the chances are they will want to spend more time with you and they will want help you to feel good too.

The key to this simple formula is to understand what your partner really needs and give it to them.

This is where most people become stuck, they try to give their partner what they think they need. This is doomed to failure, your mission is to find out what your partners needs really are and to make it your mission to meet them.

The reality is this: If you don’t know how to fulfil your partner critical needs they will have to meet them outside of the relationship. Men can work longer hours because that’s where they feel most successful. Women can get all their love from their children because they don’t get it from their husbands.

If the outside world meets more of your partner needs than you do, expect the relationship to decline.

The usual symptoms are the couple stop having fun together, passion dies they stop communicating they stop spending time together arguments become more frequent, or they stop all together because the couple see little point.

If your relationship is important to you and you want the fastest way to get back on track understanding simple principles can make a massive difference to the relationship.

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