What is most important to your partner?

Am I imporrtant to you?

I just don't feel that you care about me?

Is it you?

If anyone in a relationship / marriage feels that someone or something is more important to their partner than they are – there will be trouble.

What’s important to understand it’s doesn’t have to be the attractive female in the office who is just “a friend” or the man down the gym “giving her advice” that can cause problems for relationships.

If any partner feels they are second best to anything then there will be trouble.

Mothers, especially mothers to sons can be a significant cause of trouble to wives / girlfriend’s especially if they feel second best to them.

Men can also have a resentment if his wife always runs to her parents when she feels unsafe or needs money.

This problem can also spill into sporting hobbies and to best friends.

In this situation what important is to respect how your partner feels and help them, because if this is not understood the problem can become reinforced over time and the relationship / marriage will suffer.

Is this happening to you?

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