The Calm Before The Storm: A Message For Men – Is There A Time Bomb In Your Relationship?

Most men who have experienced problems in their relationship are usually very confused at why it seems so hard to please their partners. For him it can seem almost impossible to keep her happy. He can also feel he has put up with what he feels is her becoming over emotional, irrational and inconsistent for ages.

For him this inability to be able to please his partner is emotionally crippling, BUT he can do something to help her, but most men don’t know what to do…

If this goes on for long enough the woman will start to feel that the messages she has clearly been giving to him has not being listened to. She feels alone, ignored and insecure.

This for her can lead to depression and all sorts of physical and emotional problems putting further pressure on the relationship.

Depending on how the man has dealt with her emotional outbursts will drive her next course of action.

She may decide based on his reaction to her past messages that there is little point communicating with him as he will never get it, no matter how she communicates…

Beware: If she seems calm yet detached.

This is the calm before the storm. A very big storm! This is when she feels she is not understood and she can become emotionally detached from the man that says he loves her. She feels his words are cheap and his actions are little to non-existent, at this point she feels the trust and the love has gone.

So she stops feeling safe with him. She is on red-alert for proof that he is not right for her and it’s not long before she finds a lot of proof.

When she looks in her past she suddenly finds more and more proof that she should have read the signs earlier, she can start to blame herself as she becomes resigned to her fate.

You see she starts to regret choosing him because when she is with him she feels bad about herself.

Now all this emotion is happening within her, no sounds are coming from her, to him this peace equals all is well. To her she cannot believe he is still doing nothing! Actually she has lost so much confidence in him she can believe it. So she starts to plan escape routes…

Men if this is happening to you seek help quickly!

You are lacking a few simple skills that will enable you to get her back to feeling good about herself again when she is around you, this is what you want!

Quick recap

If she is consistently quiet and slightly detached from her normal self, there is a strong possibility for her the relationship is going through an accelerated death within her.

She will be silently testing you and watching you fail, but saying nothing. She is doing this so she can be sure leaving is the right move.

So if she used to blow up, get upset, now she’s quiet yet detached and the intimacy has gone, don’t leave this alone it won’t go away.

  • There is potentially a bomb in your relationship!

If this has struck a chord with you and you would like to talk about it please get in touch.

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