Couples Conflict Question

When our partner behaves in ways in which we don’t like what have we been taught to do. Most would automatically punish them in some way.

After all if we were naughty our parents taught us that we had to be punished. Society teaches us that bad behaviour is rewarded with punishments such as fines or imprisonment.

A recent client of mine was defaulting to revenge, and others I see generally resorted to punishments in their quest to teach their partners a lesson so they would never behave badly again.

I was wondering who else thinks that punishing your partner is the best strategy for creating a loving relationship?

I mean when your partner punishes you how much love do you feel towards them?

As they carry out their punishment based on them judging you, do you just want to throw your arms around them and love them more?

Of course not.

So if you know it doesn’t work then why would anyone practice this again and again.

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