Happiness How Does It Happen?

Most of us want happiness, we want to feel the way we want to feel in all parts of our life. But how does happiness really happen? Is it something we need to wait for, or is it something we create?

If you have decided to wait for happiness then what happens if it doesn’t turn up? What happens if happiness is not due to show up for 5 years? What if happiness forgets to come?

What if happiness does not happen this way what if happiness is down to you? What if the best way to happiness is if you take control and become the creator of your happiness.

What if you decide to learn and master the art of happiness?

No matter what’s happened in your life there is always away to happiness, but you have to be determined to claim yours.

Determination is the key, if you are not determined enough, then find out why. What is holding you back? What is stopping you?

Is what’s stopping you a real block, or just one you have created.

Remember meanings and beliefs are not facts they are just perceptions. Of course your perceptions might be right, but before you spend your life with a belief, find out if it’s really true.

The only thing standing between you and your happiness is you.

Yes happiness is a choice, it’s a decision.

What is stopping you being happy? Please comment below! Share your block…

About Stephen Hedger

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