Top 10 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Will Die

The most common symptom of a struggling relationship is when the passion/intimacy dies. Sex in a relationship is a powerful barometer of how the relationship is really doing.

Everyone expects the passion to be heightened when they first met, but unfortunately the view is that over time it dies and this view seems to be widely accepted.

The reality is this does not have to be the case, if it has died it has died for a reason and that reason is not time. You both have to consistantly do something for your sex life to stop.

So let’s look at the top ten reasons why your sex life could be on it’s way out…

Your sex life could die if…

  1. If the relationship is not meeting the needs of the couple, resentment can build up and so their desire to connect will reduce over time.
  2. The couple start to judge and punish each other when the other has done a perceptual wrong.
  3. When the couple argue and don’t know how to grow from their arguments and so each time they argue they die a bit each time.
  4. If the couple lose the ability to keep a playful side to their relationship they lose their ability to create a fun energy and the relationship becomes boring.
  5. If one or both people stop feeling good about themselves when they are with their partner.
  6. If the male becomes weaker in the eyes of the female she will struggle to see him as sexually attractive.
  7. If he believes he cannot please her, he could withhold sex as a method of taking back the power in the relationship.
  8. Overly controlling behaviour will destroy the trust and destroy the intimacy.
  9. If she feels he has no desire to understand her or have empathy with her feelings.
  10. The most common reason is when she believes she is not safe in the relationship and so she detaches from her feminine self to cope with the inner pain she feels. Essentially the trust dies.
  11. Reverse polarity this is when the couple switch roles without knowing the woman becomes more masculine than the man. She’s having to look after the emotional needs of the whole family including him whilst her needs are ignored by him. As a result he becomes one of the children for her and this automatically disables a sexual connection for her.

Of course there are many more reasons these ones above are very common in my sessions.

Is your relationship suffering if so please get in touch for step-by-step solutions for sexual problems.

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