Valentine’s Day is it a good or a bad thing?

In my profession I see the aftermath of what valentines’ day does to couples. So I am curious on your thoughts.

To help you I have some thoughts to share to get the ball rolling.

Firstly I would like to say that giving love at any time has to be a good thing so in essence there is nothing wrong with this special day it’s a great day to share your love with each other.


What concerns me is how much pressure is put on the couples to perform on that night and the meaning they put to it when it all goes wrong.

  • How about girls in offices across the UK competing for who’s boyfriends has sent the biggest bunch of flowers and what it means in terms of how much they are loved or valued.
  • What meaning do couples put to this one night of expected/mandatory romance?
  • Should romance be planned, or should it be spontaneous?
  • What about at the end of the night is passion the benchmark for a successful evening? What happens if he’s put so much effort in, but she’s not in the mood? Then what happens?
  • And how about the other 364 days, what happens to those days? Many men feel they have to get that night over with. They put loads of effort in or not and she now has to wait a year for the next day of romance.

What are your thoughts? Maybe you have a story to share or an embarrassing moment. If so please share your thoughts in comments below.

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